Counselling Module – IVR Call center

It is well known that education creates curiosity. It opens vista of new queries and questions in human mind which becomes the foundation of their personal growth and progress. As such it is usual to expect a similar outcome with financial education under Krisarthak program.

The main aim of financial education is not only to increase awareness about financial products and services but also augment its usage and uptake among farm community. In this process financial counseling and advisory will be used as a major tool and component by Krisarthak.

Financial counseling and advisory will be a two tier model. While the general queries related to financial products and services or the modules in the chatbot will be addressed by an IVR facility, the calls that require expert guidance on financial matter will be forwarded to the Expert Financial Advisors.

How Call center will help learners

The call center is one of the major components of FEC delivery model. Farmers will be able to instantly connect with the call center with their queries, information needs and feedback on a toll free number in local language at a time of their convenience.

The objective of the call center will be:

  • To answer general queries on financial products and services.
  • Clarify the doubts of users related to the usage of chatbot LMS platform and modules.
  • Take feedback on financial education and counselling workshops offered by Bittiya Sahayaks
  • Direct the calls related to accessing a financial product, financial decision making, financial planning or budget management to the expert financial advisors.

How to access Call center

The toll-free number of the call center will be shared with all the learners during the Workshops held by Bittiya Sahayaks. This number will also show on the Bittiya Sakhi chatbot. This toll free number will also be disseminated among the farm community through various sms campaigns.

A person can call the number at the time of their convenience to connect with the call center.

How to enroll for personalized financial advisory

A financial advisor is a financial guide who helps individuals plan their investment better and manage their finances for monetary growth. Such advisory is readily available in most of the private banks in the urban areas. However, the farm community seldom enjoys such facility due to its absence in rural areas.

Through FEC, Krisarthak aims to take this facility at the doorstep of individual farmers using digital medium. However, to enroll for personal advisory a person will have to fill-in a Financial Health Survey Form that will be analyzed and used by the Expert financial advisor to understand the current financial state of the farmers.

A person can easily enroll for personalized financial advisory through following ways:

Through chatbot: Once a learner completes all the modules in the Bittiya Sakhi chatbot they have an option to fill in the survey form and enroll for personal advisory.

Through sms link: From time-to-time such SMSs will be forwarded to learners where they will be given the survey form link. Once they fill and submit the form, the expert financial advisor will reach out to them within 52 hours.

Through call center: A learner can directly call the toll-free number and express their desire to enroll for personal financial advisory. In this case, Bittiya Sahayak will visit their household to do the survey. Once the survey is complete the expert financial advisor will reach out to the learner within 52 hours

Through website: You can also enroll for personal financial advisory by filling up a survey form here. Just click the button below and start your survey