FEC Learning Module – Bittiya Sakhi

Krisarthak aims to deliver financial education to the farm community primarily through Bittiya Sakhi chatbot. This is an LMS (Learning management system) which will include dynamic content that will be updated time-to-time to offer current, verified and useful information to users on financial products and services.

The chatbot will allow farmers to learn the concepts of financial products and services in an easy self-paced manner. The content has been added in the chatbot in audio-visual format using local language which is clear, comprehensive and simple.

How Bittiya Sakhi will help learners

Bittiya sakhi chatbot renders education in an easy to access module-structure. These modules are similar to a chapter. Each module is dedicated to a specific topic related to the financial education and counseling. For each module the learner needs to take Pre-assessment and post-assessment tests. These tests help the learners to self-assess their progress.

The learners will be given two workshop sessions by Bittiya Sahayaks on how to use the chatbot. In the workshop learners will be registered to the LMS channel. The learners will also be informed about the toll-free number where they can call for query resolution, feedback or advice.

In case the learners find themselves stuck in any topic, they can call the toll-free number mentioned in the chatbot to connect with the call center operators. While the general and technical queries will be addressed by the call center operators, the call will be forwarded to the financial counsellors or experts if the query pertains to accessing a financial product, financial decision making, financial planning or budget management.

Once the learners complete all the modules successfully, along with the pre and post assessment tests, they will be given a Certificate of completion.

How to access Bittiya Sakhi

Bittiya Capsule

The basic phone users will also be registered as FEC learners during the workshops held by Bittiya Sahayak. The basic phone users will be given handouts and learning material on financial product and services. Subsequently, they will be directly contacted via SMSs / voice calls. Through various sms campaigns the key information related to financial products and services will be rendered to these users.

All non-digital methods and process of enrolling and engaging the farm community for financial education and counselling is named as Bittiya Capsule.